As a daring leader in commercial real estate, we shape our own destiny. We partner well but aim to win, and never lose sight of doing what’s right and in the best interest of our clients.

Our teams and sister businesses are strengthened through inclusion and collaboration that wakens our entrepreneurial spirit to imagine what something can be, and then create it. 

We treat our clients’ assets like precious resources. We are a safe set of hands, an entrusted partner, and we live by our values of service, expertise, community and fun, that have flowed through our organization since 1997. At Tenby, we celebrate our joint enterprise to transform vision to value for our clients and unlock potential in the market.

Our Leadership Team

Rich Schuen BW.jpg

Rich Schuen

Owner | Founder

As the owner and founder, Rich is the visionary energy behind Tenby, as well as other companies in the Tenby family of companies including Tenby Partners, Tenby Construction and the Columbus office of Colliers International. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a flair for building businesses and teams, Rich is focused on creating value for every client under all of the Tenby umbrella.

Carina Knisley

Director of Accounting

Angy Russell BW.jpg

Angy Russell

Director of Talent

Leslie Hobbs BW.jpg
Dawn Jacobson BW.jpg

Leslie Hobbs 

SVP, Director of Operations

Dawn Jacobson 

Director of Marketing