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Richard Schuen


CEO | Founder

Rich is the visionary leader and Managing Partner at Tenby Group, consisting of Tenby Partners, Tenby Construction, and Colliers | Columbus. With a keen eye for strategic direction and deal-making, Rich’s entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force in developing opportunities and providing creative solutions.

He began his real estate career in investment brokerage at a global firm. Sensing a need for a more client-focused approach, he formed the Colliers | Columbus office in 1997. He then co-founded Centerpoint Development in 2000 and then Centerpoint Construction in 2005 which have evolved into the Tenby Group. Rich invests heavily in fostering a strong culture, a growth mindset and developing top-tier talent. His skills span across construction, acquisition and sale, financing, leasing, and asset management which further advance his knowledge of development and how to protect and always do what is in the best interest of the client.

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